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76 Squadron

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Shortly after forming in Queensland in March 1942, 76 Squadron Kittyhawks deployed to Milne Bay to confront the ad
vancing Japanese. On 24 August, the Japanese invaded Milne Bay. The following battle for Milne Bay was to become one of the most significant battles in the South West Pacific and represents the first land defeat of Japanese forces in the War. The two week battle saw 76 Squadron Kittyhawks flying bombing and strafing operations in support of the desperate Australian diggers - who were slowly but inexorably being pushed back towards the RAAF airstrips. 

Having played a vital part in the Australian victory, an exhausted 76 Squadron withdrew to Australia where it re-grouped at Potshot, Western Australia in 1943. Sadly, it was while the squadron was based at Potshot, that it lost one of its most colourful officers and the RAAF's second highest scoring ace pilot, when Squadron Leader Truscott was killed in a flying accident. 

After being re-equipped with new Kittyhawks in May, the squadron returned to combat operations at Goodenough Island - to the north of New Guinea. A succession of moves saw the squadron operating from a number of Pacific Island bases, until its final wartime deployment to Labuan - where the Squadron supported the invasion of Borneo. 

After the war, 76 Squadron was re-equipped with Mustangs and deployed to Japan for duty with the British Commonwealth Occupation Force. On its return to Australia in 1948, 76 Squadron pilots converted to Vampire jet fighters, before deploying to Malta in 1952 to join NATO forces in the Mediterranean area. From 1960, 76 Squadron was based at RAAF Williamtown New South Wales operating Australian-built Sabres. In 1966 the squadron entered the supersonic age when it began operations with the French designed/Australian built Mirage. 

The squadron's fighter role came to an end with the replacement of the Mirage by the Macchi jet trainer in 1989. This aircraft provides jet experience for pilots selected for duty with the RAAF Hornet squadrons. In addition to its training role, 76 Squadron also operated specially converted PC-9 aircraft in forward air control operations. 

On 1 January 1989, No 76 Squadron, one of the Royal Australian Air Force's most famous fighting squadrons, reformed at RAAF Base Williamtown. Although it distinguished itself during World War II as a premier fighter squadron, its current operational role is to conduct Introductory Fighter Training, Fleet Support and Close Air Support. To fulfil these roles the 
squadron operates the Hawk 127 Lead-In Fighter and is organised into two flights - Training Flight and Operations Flight.

WOFF George Wright's send off 1966

RAAF News Photo
sent in by Greg Gannon

No 76 Squadron 1968
76sqn_1968_mod2.JPG (37606 bytes)
Merv Walton, John Howe, Paul Doran, Bomber Huxtable, Norm Ashburn, Brian Rogers, Ken Edwards
Bill Riley, Ray Fairhall, Brian Stewart, Hippy Akers, Stewy Sutherland, Nichols, Stewy Atkins, Robin Hood, Bruce Richardson, Bob Barlett

No 76 Squadron with 16 aircraft at Tullamarine 1968
(from Ken Edwards)

76_sqn_tulla_68.jpg (26735 bytes)

76 Sqn Darwin 1968
(Bob Bartlett)

Hippy Akers,
Blue Wetheral
Tubby Littlefield,
Terry Holman
Bill Riley, 
Dan McCann,
Norm Ashburn

76 Sqn Arm Sect
(Kem Everett) 

Kem Everett, Dave Langton, Harry Strybos, Jim Bindon
Bob Rowe, George Shores (Back)

(Buck Rogers)

Ray (Fatty) Fairhall and Brian (Buck) Rogers
"Merry Christmas Buck from all your mates at 76 Sqn. 
PS. Fatty Fairhall is not really crying. 
Photo taken about Feb (1970) by your ace serg." Probably Kennie Edwards.

First ever HE bombing carried out from the RAAF Hawk Mk127 aircraft.

76sqn_demise.jpg (27915 bytes)
76 Sqn Mirage Demise


No 76 Squadron 1968
"The Mighty 76"

Merv Walton, John Howe, Paul Doran, Bomber Huxtable, Norm Ashburn, Brian Rogers, Ken Edwards
Bill Riley, Ray Fairhall, Brian Stewart, Hippy Akers, Stewy Sutherland, Stewy Atkins, Robin Hood, Bruce Richardson, Barlett

76sqn_1968_mod2-1.JPG (60187 bytes)

76sqn_1968_mod2-2JPG.JPG (97737 bytes) 76sqn_1968_mod2-3.JPG (92582 bytes) 76sqn_1968_mod2-4.JPG (94972 bytes)76sqn_1968_mod2-5.JPG (70698 bytes)  



No 76 Squadron
(Darwin Detachment 1968)
"The Mighty Panthers"

Sqn Ldr (Oggy) Worth, Fred Hayden (WOE), ?,
Stewart-Sutherland, ?, ?

Pommy Jones, ?,? Blue Wetherall, ? ? ? Bob Raine (SEW), Pat Dollison, Tubby Littlefield, ?, Ken Neely (on wing)

(on wing) Naylor, Terry Holman, Bill Riley, ?
Slater ?, Mick Sheehy (WOE) ? ?
4 electricians ?, RadTech, Norm Ashburn, Dan McCann

(on wing) SGT affitt?
Harry Ducie, ?, Simpson elec , ?


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