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AAA Gunnies History Project Draft WW2 Chapter for Comment

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Page Updated 27/5/2012

Draft document has been updated with changes due to the feedback from members, please have another read and take the time to post additional feedback. The document will remain protected so information cannot be copied out of it or printed, this allows the team to have version control of the data within the document.


Please find below on this page a link to a draft document supplied by the AAA History Project Team, so that all Gunnies can have a look and be able to give their feedback as the project progresses. The draft is being supplied in PDF format to make it readable to as many members of the website as possible. If you do not have Acrobat Reader I have included a link below, if you still cannot access please contact myself via my details on the home page of the website.

Please remember that at the moment the History team is concentrating on content and any formatting that would be required for publication will happen at that stage.

If you have anything to contribute - please do so ! Once the History Team reviews your comments, that comment and the teams reply will be added to the bottom of this page.


Jason Rose (WebMaster)


 Draft WW2 Document


Download Link for AcroBat Reader


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