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The AAA History Project has been in operation for a number of years now. Neil (Stretch) Ratcliff, Norm Andrews and others have now published three books. The focus of the books are not on RAAF aircraft, RAAF pilots, RAAF squadrons or RAAF bases. The books focus on Gunnies working with EO and associated Armament equipment. The aircraft are important but only a means to an end, ie to deliver our EO.


Norm Andrews has now published another volume of "Tales and Stories of Armourers and Armament". The Japan, Korea, Malta, Malaya and Malaysia volume will be available for sale at your next reunion.


Previous Books

The Book Launch


Current Ebooks

Gunnie Roll Call


What do we want from all you Gunnies out there?
We want first hand accounts of people who were there – we want to get an idea of what is out there in diaries, books, record of interviews, oral histories, documents, photos, personal accounts. The sort of info we are after relates to Gunnies at work with the following:
·              EO operations 1921-1939
·              EO ops during WW2.
·              EO ops overseas non-WW2
·              training on new EO or aircraft weapons systems, particularly overseas training and accounts of the differences between working with the EO or aircraft being replaced and the new EO/aircraft.
·              Stores Depots and Aircraft Depots.
·              major Arm activities (eg Gunnie trainers, US bombs on Canberra, stores clearance, EO safety, etc)
·              Any ‘first’ Gunnie activity (eg first Apprentice Gunnie course, first GW training/, first ops at Butterworth, etc)
·              Anything else you consider important
We want volunteers to conduct research and complete the following Annexes:
·              RAAF Aircraft & Their Weapons Systems (Date In Service/Withdrawn, Weapon Stations, Fixed EO(eg guns), Weapons, Bombs, Ammo, Rockets, Guided Missiles, Carriers/Launchers/Racks/Dispensers, Home Base, Sqns, OS Ops, Bases)
·              RAAF Air Bases (location, dates opened/closed, RAAF & other Sqns on Base)
·              RAAF Flying & Maintenance SQN’S  (Location - Formed & Ops from, Date Formed/ Deployed, Date Closed/ Ceased Ops, Acft Flown, Ops Types, EO Used, ARM Pers Nos, Ranks?)
·              RAAF Stores & Aircraft Depots (name, location, dates opened/closed, ARM Personnel, ARM Work)
·              RAAF Armament Schools (location, dates opened/closed, EO & ARM Equip, course types)
·              RAAF EO (bombs, fuzes, ammo, rockets, GMs, Pyrotechnics, Egress Systems EO, other?)
·              RAAF ARM Associated Equipment (Racks/Pylons/Launchers, Egress Systems, Chaff/Flare Dispensers, other?)
·              RAAF Air Weapons Ranges (location (GPS?), Admin Base, EO employed, Manning, Sighting/Plotting equip, Range maint equip, other?)

Your contribution and suggestions will form an integral part of the History of all Gunnies

More to be added later.............node 2611, 4209 and node 2713..


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