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Gunnie History Project

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AAA Project: History of RAAF Armourers.



The project team consists of Neil Ratcliff (Chair), Norm Andrews & Jason Rose,  plus many gunnies providing input.



We now have a draft of the WW2 chapter from the AAA Gunnies History Project team added to the website. Please take the time to have a read and if you have any suggestions or feedback there is a submission form on that page of the site to do so.


First two Books Launched see Home  page

We need some volunteers to provide input into the History Project

Check out the plan for 2013 below, can you help then contact Neil or Norm ASAP




Meeting Venue: Australian War Memorial Cafe

Time/Date: 1200 to 1330 hours 22FEB13

Attendees: Norm Andrews, Jason Rose and Neil Ratcliff



  • Any submissions for ebook publication will need to be top – down format, therefore no page numbers to be added and pictures to be inserted centrally. This will enable Jason to easily transfer data into the ebook format.

                Action: Any personnel submitting projects.

  • The current two ebook submissions (Gunnie Roll Call and Tales & Stories of Armourers from WWII) to be available for the public “as is” and actioned when Jason can organise the website and ebook interface. Any future changes to these publications will be addressed as a second, third..... editions as required.

                Action: Jason Rose

  • Jason Rose stated that no funding is required at this stage to organise ebooks on the AAA website. However, if funding is required the History project committee will seek access to the DVA Research funding.  AIRCDR Bill Hayden’s offer of funding relevant software is gratefully appreciated. However, at this stage there is no need to take up Bill’s offer.

                Action: Jason Rose to access sponsorship monies for any software if required. Norm Andrews is the liaison member for DVA research funding.

  • It was decided to have available “free” page samples of the ebook for public viewing on the website – this will encourage interest to any prospective buyers. Perhaps five or six pages will be ample for viewing.

                Action: Jason Rose

  • It was also decided that the AAA website will be the media for the ebook purchase. Using the Amazon website was also considered but not at this stage.

                Action: Jason Rose

  • Jeff Plunkett’s publication on Chemical Warfare in Australia to be linked on the AAA website.

                Action: Jason Rose

  • Norm Andrews stated that five research projects have matured and ready for further research and/or preparation for publication. Norm has painstakingly progressed through these projects over the past three years and is basically “over-researched”. To progress with these in 2013 will require “new blood” into the History Project. The five projects are as:


  1. Tales & Stories of Armourers from Japan (BOCF)
  2. Tales & Stories of Armourers from Vietnam
  3. Tales & Stories of Armourers from Ubon
  4. Armourers of 30SQN (Bloodhound Missile)
  5. Tales & Stories of Armourers from Malaya/Malaysia – Emergency Period, Confrontation period and post-emergency period.


The history project committee is seeking four volunteers to liaise with Norm Andrews and to take carriage of completing the individual research  project. Neil Ratcliff has volunteered to take over the 30SQN Bloodhound project and the remaining four projects to be advertised seeking volunteers via the National AAA media.

                Action: Rod Smith (President) to advertise and seek out any keen volunteers.

  • At least one research project to be ready for release into ebook by August 2013.

                Action: No action at this stage

  • Neil Ratcliff discussed the inclusion of the complete suite of Weapon Journals onto the AAA Website. There has been some issue with the security classification of these publications as they were Restricted between 1979-1991 during the active period of release. It has been 22 years since the last journal and now requires a down-classification before they can be available on the website. It was suggested that when their classification has been down-graded these publications will require a “log-in” for members only to access on the AAA Website.

                Action: Neil Ratcliff to liaise with Rod Smith regarding RAAF Branding and the action of down-classifying these fabulous publications. Once authorised Jason Rose will insert these into the AAA Website using the “members” only access.




If you want to contribute or have information to support the project please contact one of the above or email 


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