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This page lists the Armourer Courses that have been added to the site but are still awaiting formal placment under a appropiate Armament training course page.


No. 98 Squad A Armourers Course 1945


No. 98 Squad B Armourers Course 1945




Martin Baker Ejection Seats Course
UK 1960
(Adrian Norris)

Standing: Wg/Cmr Jewell, Cpl Adrian Norris, Cpl Ron O'Neil, Sephouse Comer, Cpl Alan Ely, Instructor?
Seated: Sgt Jim Eccles, F/Lt Len Evans, Sir James Martin (owner), F/Lt Keith Schmerl, Benny Lynch (live testing)


Army IED Course 1978

Les Poustie, Neil (Dozy) Bywaters, Max Brame (D), Rush (Bill), Adrian (Norrie) Norris, ?, Navy, Reg Manners, ?, Barry Wynne

No 1 EOD Course


1/76 IED Course 10 - 27 Feb 1976
At Army Base Bandiana near Albury/ Wodonga
(Hal Webber)

L to R Back: WOFF JD Kemp, CPL ML Paine, SGT HER Webber, SGT JNM Brown, WO1 JB Nicholas, SGT GG Pickering
Mid : FLG OFF RP Koger, SGT BC Holt, MAJ JC Kirkman, PLT OFF BM Cather, FLG OFF EE Moore, CPL NE Pattinson, SGT E Peckett, FLT LT GA Trowbridge, WO@ B Field
Front (Staff): SSGT J Fahey, WO2 D Richarson, WO1 D Dean, CAPT P Stratton, LTCOL MN Murtagh, MAJ VG King, WO2 K Minehan, SGT P Angwin

78 EOD Course (Refresher)
RAAF & Navy

L to R Back: Navy, Major Mackenzie-Orr, Bodgie Moore, Hal Webber, Glen (Fonk) Saville (D), Trevor MacKintosh
Front: Navy, Harry (Theodolite) Barlett, ?, Navy, ?, Navy

No 3/89 EOD Course 1989

back rox - Rick Mulvey, Mark Hull, Kev Hocking (dec), Brian Cusack
front row - Mike Case, Jerry Musk, Phil Goodall, Mark Nixon

No 3/89 IED Cse 1989

Mike Case, Brian Cusack, Jeff Simpson, Gerry Musk, Kev Hocking (dec), Bloo

N0 14 EOS Course 3 May 1979
(Bill Altmann)

L to R: Phil Thuel, Bloo Boxhall, Bill Altmann, Dave Scott
Brian Hourigan, John Thompson (RNZAF), Dennis Brand, Rex Gumbrell

EOD Course KWD Jan 1980

Doug McKenzie, Alex Mazzauer, Barry Smith, Peter Asworth, Mick Munro, Rob Hood, Bob Ireland, Stu Braunholz
Back Row: Barry Hayes, Kevin O'Brien (RNZAF), Rod Smith, Keith Hateley, Duri (RMAF), Doug Gauld
Front Row: Bian (RMAF), Terry Tolhurst, Isa (RMAF), Muhamad (RMAF), Bill Riley

No 15 EIS Course, 1CAMD 03May1980
(Keith Hately)

Back Row: Barry Hayes, Kevin O'Brien (RNZAF), Rod Smith, Keith Hateley, Duri (RMAF), Doug Gauld
Front Row: Bian (RMAF), Terry Tolhurst, Isa (RMAF), Muhamad (RMAF), Bill Riley

No 6 IED Course, 1CAMD 01July1980
(Keith Hately)

Back Row L to R: Rod Smith, Doug Gauld, Keith Hateley, Tex Webster, Ron Hawkins.
Front Row: Bill Riley, Clive Rossiter

IED Course
(Mick Terakes)

Mick Terakes Jock Folan, John Bretton (D), Ted Snodgrass, Max Johnson
Errol Taylor

EOD Course
(Al Bullock)

L to R Back Al Bullock, George Shores, Ken Vearing, Bas Kitchin, Graham Purbrick
Front ?, Paul Dilks, Neil Moran, ?, ?

EOD Cse 1 CAMD 6th - 19th July 1988.

L to R. ?, Rosco McCaig, Lou Sirca, Wayne Sugden, Slim Whitman, Gary Chambers

B-86 IED Course
From Jock Laurie
4th on the Left was the instructor.
Pete Dolan (Dec) took the photo and
was on the course.

IED Refresher
(Bill Colgrave)

LtoR: Barry Scott, Bill Colgrave, ?, Blue Boxall, Rod Smith, Brian Allan

1/88 Basic Electronics Course

Top: Al Palmer, David Hirst, Plum Weston, Neil Jacobs (MTFitt)
Middle: Mick Whiley (MTFitt), Phil Harrison, Phil Christiansen, Ben Sheedy, Doug Grierson (Framie), Barry (Doc) Baldwin
Bottom: Neil Lewis, Gary Kohn, Dru Skelton, Mick Coleman, Brett Willis (MTFitt), David Williams

No 17 Basic electronics RSTT Feb-July 1966
(Gas Watson).

Top R to L: Woody Woodhouse, Pete Shagger Shaw, Blue Lupson, John Beasty Best, Graham Munga Johnston, Phil Thuel,
Middle: Ross Donaldson (Bikkie) Brian Bruno Raby, Des Hoare, Dave Woodward, Warren Williams ? Creepy Crawly, John Bomber Huxtable; Dennis Evans John slippery Eales, Gary Gas Watson, Barry Scott

34 Basic Elec '73.
(Mal Pryor)

Gunnies - Back. 3 from L - Percy Moles, 5 - ? Dawson, 6 - Mick Coleman
Front - 1 - Mal Pryor

No 37 Basic Electronics Course Wagga 1976
(Gary Evans)

Standing L to R: George Lewandowski, Peter Hawthorn, Greg Rowe, Gary Evans, Doug Phelan, Nev Streater.
Seated L to R: Robert Moore, Craig Ryder, Peter Moran, Al Turnbull, Brian Roberts, Phil Ridley.


01-02 and 02-01 EOD Requalify
Far left:
Wayne “Ollie” Oliver.
Right hand side of sign leaning on it. Gary “Bowdog” Bowman.

From back left:
? not sure?, Bob Mewitt, Spinks (ARMO), Greg Brydon, Richard Pryor.
From front left:
Glenn “Fliptop” Withers, Adam “Ads” Smith, Mick Berner


No Names Yet!

Helicopter Crewman course 5 Sqn Fairbairn 1969

Armament guys on this course.
Steve Milstead, Barry Bircham, Duncan McNair,
Gary Jones, and Richard McLaren


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