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Dutson Airweapons Range - As Remembered by Russ King



A collection of images from the late WWII era (mainly 1945) submitted by Reg Adkins via Ron Brett



Maintenance Squadron East Sale Armament Section 1962
(John Slade)

Back: John Slade, Evan Williams, Albert McLeod, George Reeks, Ian Fleisig
Center: Glenn Lloyd, Des Anderson, Doug Howie, Owen Milton, Eric O'Connel, John Kemp, Barry Hayes.
Front: ?, John Payne, Des Elliot, T Thomas, Les Nuss, Frank Brakenrig, Steve Gates.

Maintenance Squadron East Sale Armament Section 1963
(Barry McDonald)

Back row left to right: Bywaters Neal,
Howie Doug, Brown Max, McDonald Barry Front row left to right: Edwards 
Peter, Lucas Bill (Plugger), Denning Dave,
Elliot Des, Williams Bill. Farquhar Rod, Morland Bob.

Maint Squadron East Sale 1968
(Paul Vincent)

Bk Rw L to R:  McNair DG (D),???
Mid: ?, Al Hind, Gerry Broadhead, Frank Poyner, Paul Vincent
Front: Kanga Kennedy, Jack Kupfer, ?, Wally Leiper, Greg Gannon, John Sparling

Dutson Range 1969
(Article by Russ King)

Maintenance Squadron East Sale 1972
(Barry Smith)

L to R Back
Gary Jeffery, Phil Knight, Mick Slater,Russ King, Phil Lovell, Ken Gowans, Kaz Jankowski
Bob Couper, Bill Altmann, Wal Leiper, Rod Garcia, Mick Hennesy, Barry Smith

MntSqn East Sale 1972 Seat Bay
(Russ King)

Barry Smith showing a Sumpy how to do it! - 1974

Paul (Slim) Whitman East Sale 1977

Paul posing for a Melbourne news photographer at East Sale 1977




Rods East Sale Photos
Photos by Rod Farquhar
Trial mod on VAMPIRE Mk 3B seat 
East Sale 1964
Modified seat with safety 
equipment fitted 
East Sale 1964
Rod Farquhar repacking drogue 
chute on Mk 3B seat 
East Sale 1964
Owen Milton upside down
during mod. Trials on ejection seat 
East Sale 1964
Some of Armament Section 
East Sale L to r back 
Neil Bywaters Doug Howes Max Brown
Preparation for Xray of unexploded 
12 Lb HE rocket head 
Dutson range Sale 1964
Filling sandbags for the shelter Dutson 
range L to r 
Evan Williams Neil Bywaters Rod
Remote TV and dismantling jig 
Dutson range
Boffin removes exploder 
from HE rocket head 
Dutson range
The disassembled item, 
the front end of the rocket motor 
is at the left
Rod Farquhar before flighting a 
VAMPIRE East Sale 1963
Continuity checks on detonators in 
Canberra tip tank East Sale 1963
  gunnies0060.JPG (18765 bytes)
Rick Woollard in the ejection seat 
servicing bay East Sale 1963


East Sale 60-61
(John Payne)

Vampire Aircraft at  East Sale 1961 are 
Cpl Evan " Willie " Williams and Sgt John Payne

Gunnies East Sale, Sep 1960. 
Back. Barry Hayes, Don ' Bull " Drummond, 
Dave Denning, Jordan Rigby, Bill Lucas. 
Centre. John Kemp, Eric O'Connell, 
Evan Williams, Charlie Norton, Ian Fleisig. 
Front. John Payne, Des Elliott, Keith Schmerl, 
Brian McKenna, Les Nuss.



Bombing Ex. East Sale, mid 70's
(Slim Whitman)
Bob Pardon back to camera, 
Terry " toothy ' Martin, 
Blue Saunders, Doug Meteyard
Neil Moran, Ted Ward, 
Paul " Slim " Whitman




Maintenance Squadron East Sale 1978
(Bill Altmann)
Dutson Range

About to float 3 x 500lb "Fire Effected" HE Bombs
to the back-water of the range for demolition.
Bombs were on a Mirage Aircraft that aborted take-off and the brakes
caught fire.
500lb HE Mk82 Bomb

Bill Altmann
Armament Sect MNTESL 1978
L to R: Back: Tony Perry, Errol Hunter,

Ray Hudson, John Hatswell, Lester Leahman,
Bill LaFrenz
Front: ?, Dennis Evans, Bill Altmann, Mal Baker



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